Summer Specials on all older Beetles suitable for restoration

01/70 Beetle in sad condition
This 01/70 Beetle looks in sad condition, but she is basically a sound car. A brief count lists a missing front lamp, front seat, rear lamps, rear bar, and the paint is in bad condition. The good points are the headlining, door card, and the engine spins freely.

09/71 1600cc Superbug
09/71 1600cc Superbug was last registered in 2006, and it is not far off being a great little run around. The interior is in very good original condition, with only one rip in one seat; and there is no rust in the body.

09/73 1300cc L Bug
This 09/73 1300cc L Bug has a very straight rust free body good headlining, good seats, re-trimmed door cards, and a cracked vinyl dash (well what did you expect).

Mid 60s Beetle
Here is the chance to grab a mid 60s (1966?) 1300cc Beetle at the right price. The bodywork is basically sound, with only a little rust in the bottom of the engine lid, and in the spare wheel well. The door cards are good, but both the headlining and seats are ripped, and she is missing one headlamp and the engine.

11/72 1600cc Beetle
This 11/72 Beetle has a great interior that has recently been re-trimmed, and sits on Sunraysia mags. The 1600cc engine is seized and will need a re-build.

Summer Specials on all older Beetles suitable for restoration

Blue 1500cc Beetle
One owner early 1968 1500cc Beetle for sale. No rust, and just the right "distressed" look for that perfect "ratter" project. The engine has not run for some time, but it still spins freely by hand. Headlining dirty but good; door cards good, seats good apart from a couple of tears. This car was bought new in Canberra.

1967 two-tone Beetle
1967 two-tone Beetle: This is a gem hiding beneath some grotty paint work! There is a small amount of rust on both the doors, but apart from that, the body is rot free. The paint work is nicely "grunge"; the black headlining is good apart from a couple of small rips; the door cards are good, and so are the seats. Note - this car does not come with an engine. I reckon this would make a very stylish ride!

Mid '60S Beetle - accident damaged
This mid-60s Beetle was a great car, until someone ran into its right front corner. The engine and gearbox are fine, door cards and rear seats fine. The headlining is tired, and the front seats are torn. And of course there is panel and suspension damage on the right front corner.

Late Type 3 wagon for parts or restoration
Late Type 3 wagon 6/73: Not much to say about this old girl. How about I tell you what it doesn't have! No front indicators, no side mouldings, two creases in the roof, rough paint, no tailgate, no right hand rear guard, no door cards, no front seats, no rear lenses, no steering wheel, dash cracked. Need I go on?

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