DPChip is an interactive computer which exploits the full potential of modern EFI diesel engines. Individual programming and re-mapping of the engine management system enables this simple to fit device to increase power by up to 25% and torque by up to 35%. DPChip alters fuel, timing and air characteristics to create smooth power gains

Beetle Exchange is the authorised distributor of DPCHIP for the ACT. We offer installation with full workshop facilities and experienced technicians in-house. Prices for DPChip installed generally around the $1590 price point including GST. Imagine having up to 35% more power and torque for your EFI diesel...well The Diesel Power Chip - DPChip - performance module can give you more power and torque as well as better fuel economy right now. Call us today for more information on this revolutionary product. If your in Canberra feel free to drop in for a demonstration. We have a unit fitted to a Landcruiser Sahara 2013.

The DPChip diesel power chip is a simple plug and play device that is pre-set to your vehicle type and needs no further adjustment, however if you do modify your engine with extras such as turbos, intercoolers and exhausts the Diesel Power Chip can be fine tuned via laptop or manually to take full advantage of these extra performance enhancements. DPChip fits in minutes and is simply unplugged to return your vehicle to standard output and condition. The Diesel Performance Chip module installs downstream of your ECU so all error detection and engine operational safety systems remain intact. DPChip plug-in power optimises the entire engine map by independently altering timing and fuel to obtain the best possible balance between power gains and optimum durability.

DPChip gives you total fuel and timing control. Not only is this essential to obtain the best possible fuel economy, it is also necessary to control peak exhaust gas temperatures for optimum durability. Beware of cheap imitations which only alter fuel volume without fuel timing simultaneously. The DPChip diesel power chip is powerful, adjustable, economical, reliable. After 50 years in the diesel business and after testing every diesel performance chip on the market, we can confidently tell you the DPChip will give you the very best balance of power, economy, reliability and durability.


Up to 35% More Power and Torque
Up to 10% Better Fuel Economy


Depending on the application more than 90% of DPCHIPs sold are simple Plug & Play using OEM plugs to connect safely to your vehicles existing wiring. These systems generally take under 20 minutes to install. Some older model Diesels may require a wire-in harness to be installed. These systems may take an hour to install.


60 Day Money Back ‘No Questions’ Money Back Guarantee
6 Year DPCHIP Product Warranty
Factory Backed Engine and Driveline Warranty for the duration of the vehicles existing Factory Warranty.